Private Events

Hubneo VR Lab can accommodate a variety of private group events including  birthday parties, fun get-togethers with friends and VIP corporate events! Click on the event type below to learn more.

Corporate Events

Our goal during corporate events is to introduce participants to a large variety of Virtual Reality simulation experiences, while enabling team building through collaboration in multiplayer mode. In addition to great VR experiences, we have an amazing private outdoor space for use during your event!

Group Events

This offering is designed for non-corporate groups of 4+ participants of any age—from birthday to bachelor or bachelorette parties, esports to get-togethers with friends! Whether it is your first time in VR or you are an experienced VR gamer, we offer highly customized VR experiences centered around full immersion and multiplayer games.

Kids Events

A birthday party, a school field trip, or a get-together with friends: the Lab has all kinds of Virtual Reality activities to offer young players! We also have a private outdoor space for kids and their parents/ guardians to relax during the event. Safety, coupled with maximum VR gaming time, is our focus during events for younger players ages 10-18.



The Hubneo VR Summer Camp in Manhattan is designed to give kids the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the VR world, beyond just playing games. Our goal is to foster a growing interest in VR technology, while also providing practical knowledge and tech skills that participants can use anywhere, all while having a blast!