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This offering is the best fit for returning clients, gamers, racers, and pilots. There are no recurring monthly payments. You choose when to use your experiences, and how many to play. There are no limitations on how many experiences you book per day. 


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For new & experienced VR guests. Content suggested based on personal interests. Preferred VR Systems are NOT guaranteed. Any changes are subject to a fee. Number of experiences in one booking is limited to 3 per person.


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For guests who desire a customized VR program. Preferred VR Systems are guaranteed. Private outdoor lounge access with free refreshments. Flexible scheduling. Ability to play on all 4 types of VR systems in one appointment (select 4 experience bundle).


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For racers, pilots & gamers focused on maximizing gaming time. Dedicated simulator with a personal training assistant for 1-hour of continuous play. Includes private outdoor access and free refreshments. Flexible scheduling.