Hubneo Newsletter

This month's newsletter discusses new Hubneo product offerings, brand new VR simulator and game updates, as well as general venue upgrades. We encourage friends of friends to sign up for our newsletter and share this information.

Summer is here, and along with the warm weather comes lots of exciting news from the Hubneo VR Lab!

First of all, thank you! We just celebrated our 100th great review on Hubneo's Google Business page, and we're so happy to hear that you all enjoy visiting the Lab so much. It's really nice to see that we're doing something right, and we hope to continue improving the Hubneo experience.

As a thank you from us, we are offering a special discount on VR experiences. Just use code: "5STARVR" when making a reservation or buying our new Multi-Experience Card on our web-page to instantly save $5.


Visiting the Lab
Since day one, people of different VR interests and skill levels have been coming to Hubneo, and it made us consider that perhaps one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

With this in mind, we have decided to broaden our offering, so as to ensure we provide the optimal experience for every type of guest. Rather than the one universal offering approach we've taken for reservations in the past, we are now offering 3 different levels: Standard (great for 1st-time guests), Premium (tailored approach), and Pro (longer experiences). All new session offerings are live on our website and apply to one-time reservations. For those of you who come to the Lab often, we have some great news: we now offer with multiple experience cards up to 12-month expiration!


VR Dates
We recently had a VR proposal take place at the Lab, and that inspired us to create a brand new offering, just for couples. Introducing Hubneo VR Date packages, for couples interested in special multiplayer VR experiences. A VR Date includes professional photos and private outdoor access with free refreshments. Now you can enjoy a romantic evening, exploring VR worlds together.

Book your next VR Date here!

Equipment & Game Updates
Upgrading our VR simulators and Games  is a continuous process, and in order to stay ahead of the curve, we are always making improvements and additions. In the last few months, we have introduced some very exciting things that we hope will be as much fun for you as they are for us!


First of all, we are really happy to announce that we have added a 3rd Virtuix VR Treadmill to our lineup, which means we can now support 3-player multiplayer in VRZ and the Omni Arena. Our Roomscale multiplayer offering has also been improved with the addition of 2 fantastic 4-player experiences, QuiVR and Loco Dojo. Work together to defend your stronghold against the horde, or go head-to-head in a battle for the black belt.


We also have an exciting new update to the flight simulator, which will now enable you to fly the A-10 and UH1H Huey Helicopters, optimized with functioning rudder pedals.


Last but not least, due to popular demand we now offer two Escape the Roomexperiences in VR! Can you figure out how to escape before time is up? Find them in the puzzle section of our .

If you would like to introduce a friend to VR, we are offering Hubneo Gift Cards , as well as the new Hubneo Multiple Visit Cards. These are two great ways to share awesome experiences with someone you care about.

Venue Upgrades
Hand in hand with our new session offerings, we have introduced some major upgrades to our outdoor patio lounge. Additions include a luxurious outdoor sofa, covered gazebo, cold refreshments, and some greenery to make it all softer on the eyes. All of these have come together to create a really pleasant place to hang out on those hot summer nights, perfect for group events.


VR Summer Camp
Because of the incredible interest and excitement that we've seen in kids who come to the VR Lab, we are hosting a Hubneo VR Camp!

Our camp will be held from August 12th (Monday) to August 15th (Thursday), 2019 at our VR Lab in Manhattan. The camp is made up of two primary segments: Learning about VR technology (including the full motion VR simulators we design and build at the Lab), and playing/testing games in VR. This is an amazingly fun and educational way for the kids to obtain a comprehensive understanding of this exciting new technology.

Signups are now officially open, and for a limited time, we are offering special early-bird pricing. Also, if you are buying a ticket for 2 kids (friends or relatives) you get a $100 discount! To find out more, or to reserve a spot, please visit our camp information page here.

We're looking forward to seeing you and your kids at the Lab this Summer!


Thank you for being loyal members of our VR community, and see you at the Lab soon!