Racing Track Days

Hubneo VR Lab Track Days are an amazing opportunity for all racing fans to drive on their favorite tracks without ever leaving New York City.  We offer a wide variety of racing games that place you in the driver’s seat so that you can feel what it's really like to race in the car of your dreams.  You can drive pretty much anything, from go-karts in rFactor 2 to Formula 1 2019 in Assetto Corsa! There are over 60 tracks and 180 cars in Project Cars 2 alone! Any racing enthusiast will be able find the car and track they love.  See all games here!

During Hubneo Track Days racers are able to learn and compete on world renowned race tracks firsthand, with the power of our Full Motion VR Racing Simulators. Our rigs—seat Mover design with full motion cockpit—are developed in-house, and powered by incredibly fast 150mm stroke SCN5 actuators with max speeds of 400 mm/s. The 2 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) and 3DOF (Roll, Pitch, Traction Loss) motion simulators are optimal for high precision asphalt racing, while the 18 degree displacement and traction loss module make the 3DOF rig a perfect fit for Rally Cross racing in Dirt Rally, along with all other performance racing disciplines.  

In addition to non-themed Track Days, the Hubneo VR Lab NY is holding regular track days replicating the events of the F1 Grand Prix races. Almost every F1 race week, we get together to race the same tracks and cars being raced during the real Grand Prix. Using our advanced full motion VR simulators, you can experience what it is like to race in a 2019 F1 car. Check out our previous events here.

Please email to inquire about our next Track Day.